Now We Get Up Close & Personal With Hatchet House BBQue!

So you’re probably wondering what is this page about, and to be honest, I do not have a clue! This is an attempt to share the REAL us BEHIND Hatchet House BBQue! The good, bad and the ugly! Are ya’ll ready?

A place to introduce our staff, and let you learn to love them the way we do. A place for them to make mistakes, and be total fools and everyone love them and us for that! A place for no judgement but to know we are a family and we support each other in the end, ha during those high stress moments we may want to strangle someone but at the end of the night we are all there for each other and have each others back. Run on sentences and ALL! A family is what created Hatchet House BBQue in the first place and a family is what will keep this restaurant going. It is the backbone. Come hell or high water we got each others back and if that is not the way you roll then your not part of our long term family!

So get ready for the ups and downs…… at least what I can get or document haha…. of the “Real Life Behind The Scenes of Hatchet House BBQue”! Hopefully I can keep up with this!

For this weeks EXCITEMENT:

Wednesday night 6pm till 9pm Karaoke

Thursday Night

Music Bingo!

Any businesses that want to donate going forward please let us know! We would love to spread the love locally! I am sure no one only wants prizes from us!!!!! Even a free ice cream would be great haha…. ANYTHING!!! OIL CHANGES, 5.00 OFF WALMART ETC. Be creative!! $5.00 off a haircut! But it will be a blast even if the winners are eating or drinking at our place for the next year free haha!

We can’t wait to make Hatchet House BBQue into what we planed it to be so STAY TUNED FOR SO MUCH MORE!!!!!

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