Axe Throwing

Coming Soon! After a build out we will be bringing you axe throwing, along with outdoor seating, live music etc!

Axe Rates

Discounts for larger groups/parties. Ask about our private rooms and catering options.

Our Axe Throwing Rates

Individual Rate: 27.50 + tax for 75 min

Group Prices for larger parties:

11-13 people for 2 hours

8-10 people for 2 hours

14-19 people for 2 hours

20-30 people for 3 hours

$245.00 + tax

$318.50 + tax

$465.50 + tax

$735.00 + tax

We want it to be not just axe throwing, we want it to be a fun experience!

Fun for families, date nights, parties. or corporate events.

At Graham our axe lanes will be located outside, with picnic tables to enjoy your lunch or dinner while you throw. A stage will be centrally located in our outdoor area as well, creating a very inviting environment for date nights, families, or large events!

Special discounts for military and first responders

Our Food

Feel free to order from our menu and as you wait for your food throw some axes. If anyone in your group does not want to throw, they are more than welcome to just sit at the table and eat and enjoy some drinks and music. We can also have catering set up for your party ahead of time.

Our Axe Targets

All of our targets are made with Cottonwood and sprayed down frequently in order to allow the axes to stick better. We also have the lighter Lone Stars available to throw as well.

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